Tournament Schedule

We have published the tournament schedule. Please take a look to find out which competition each of your teams is playing in. Study each team’s schedule so that you understand the format of the competition, including when and on what pitches your games will take place.

Please note that due to potential dropouts or additions these schedules are provisional and should be checked before the event.

Tournament Schedule

Select the appropriate session to view the playing schedules for the age groups entered.

Saturday Morning: Mixed U7s, Mixed U11s, Girls U11/12 and Girls U13/14

  • Click here to view the Saturday Morning Schedule
  • Saturday Afternoon: Mixed U9s, Mixed U13s and Mixed U15s

  • Click hereto view the Saturday Afternoon Schedule
  • Sunday Morning: Mixed U8s, Mixed U12s, Girls U7/8 and Girls U9/10,

  • Click here to view the Sunday Morning Schedule
  • Sunday Afternoon: Mixed U6s, Mixed U10s and Mixed U14s

  • Click here to view the Sunday Afternoon Schedule
  • Then select the appropriate age group tab at the bottom on the page to view the playing schedule for your team.