Tournament Administration Rules

1. Management of the competition

a) The Competition shall be called “Woodley Saints South of England Small Sided Championships and Festival”.

b) The officials shall be Cornelius O’Kane (Club Secretary and Tournament Director), John Pulfer (Club Treasurer) and Graham Skinner (Trophies Organiser).

c) Any alterations to these rules may be made by the officials.

d) The competition shall be governed in accordance with the Rules and Regulations of The Football Association. Matches shall be played in accordance with the Laws for Small Sided Football as laid down by the Football Association. Any other rules must be specified. Where there are options these must be specified.

2. Affiliation of participating teams

All teams will be affiliated to a County Association, through the competition. For one day and charity competitions the sanctioning of the competition shall automatically accord to all participating teams the status of affiliated teams.

3. Teams eligible to enter and entry fee

The competition shall be open to teams from U7s to U16s. The entry fee shall be £35.00 per team except U7s and U8s which shall be £30.00 per team. A discount of £5 may be offered to teams for early enrolment.

4. Committee and powers

A Committee consisting of the Woodley Saints Executive Committee shall be appointed to organise the competition. The Committee shall have the power to apply, act upon and enforce the Rules of the Competition, and shall have jurisdiction over all matters affecting the Competition, including any not provided for by these rules. The Committee shall also adjudicate in all cases of dispute, protest and complaint. Other members shall be co-opted if required.

5. Copies of rules

A copy of these rules shall be given to all participating teams and are binding on the clubs taking part.

6. Players qualification

The competition shall be divided into U7 – U16 age groups (mixed or girls as appropriate).

When registering, all teams shall submit to the Committee a list of players with details of their dates of birth showing that they were under their respective ages before 1.9.2017 or for children attaining the age of 6 after this if playing in U7s (only). All players shall be bona fide members of their clubs, and may only play for one club in the same age group.

7. Team Colours

In the event of teams having similar colours the second named team shall change its tops or wear bibs. Players shall be dressed in uniform shirts and shorts, but goalkeepers shall wear colours which distinguish them from other players and referees. Goalkeepers (only) may wear tracksuit bottoms.

8. Arrangement of competition

a) The competition shall be played on a League basis in the first stage with teams divided by the Committee into groups. The number of League games will be determined by the number of entries for that age group within the competition.

b) A knock-out competition shall then take place between the top teams within each league depending on the number of entries for that age group within the competition. The remaining teams may take part in a consolation competition. The Committee shall make the draw for both of these competitions.

9. Reporting of results

The winning team shall be responsible for reporting the result of the game to the scorers at the conclusion of the game by handing in a result slip that has been completed by the referee. Where a result slip goes missing and cannot be verified by other means the Tournament Director shall award a 0-0 draw.

10. Referees

Referee shall be appointed by the Committee. Referees shall be paid a fee on a per diem basis as agreed between the Tournament Director and the Referees Coordinator.

11. Protests and complaints

All questions of eligibility, qualification of players or interpretation of the rules shall be referred to the Committee, but no objection relative to the dimensions of the playing area or other appurtenances thereon shall be entertained by the Committee unless a protest is lodged with the referee before the commencement of the game.

12. Appeals

Any appeal against a decision of the Committee must be made in writing to a sanctioning association in accordance with its rules within fourteen days of the posting of the decision of the Committee, and be accompanied by an appeal fee applicable to that sanctioning association.

13. Misconduct

To be dealt with in accordance with the agreed FA procedures.

14. Team names

No team may enter this competition in the name of an affiliated club without the full knowledge and authority of that club. Each team must supply their County Affiliation Number for the current year as proof of good standing with their parent association.

15. Trophies

For all age groups in each Main and Consolation competition, the winners will receive a team trophy, and individual medals will be awarded to all players in teams that play in the finals.

For U7s and U8s every player taking part will receive the same medal

16. Late Arrivals

If a team arrives too late to play a match, it will be scored as a 0-0 and the opposition awarded 3 points. Any team found to be manipulating this rule they may be liable to disqualification.

17. No shows

If a team fails to show or there is an unfilled slot in any conference, the preliminary round-robin games will all be extended appropriately to balance the time played by each team.