2020 Tournament COVID 19 Update

As everyone will now be aware the future, not least in relation to football has become very uncertain. Without the benefit of foresight we are still hopeful that our annual tournament can still go ahead over the weekend of 20th/21st June but we appreciate that this may not happen and are keen to cover all our bases. 

Rather than postpone our event now and refund to those that have already paid their fee, we would like to suggest that teams continue to apply for registration and hold back payment until the situation has become clearer and we know if the event can go ahead or not. We calculate that this decision point will of necessity be by mid-May at the latest.

 If you wish to reserve a place for your team.

Tournament Schedule

Saturday 20th June

am: Under 7s, Under 11s, Girls Under 11/12 and Girls Under 13/14 
pm: Under 9s, Under 13s and Under 15s

Sunday 21st June

am: Under 8s, Under 12s, Girls Under 7/8s and Girls Under 9/10s
pm: Under 6s, Under 10s and Under 14s

For further details please visit our tournament website or contact our Tournament Director: Cornelius O’Kane, Phone: 07764 450834, Email: chairman@woodleysaints.com